Kern River Feb. 2014 Video

February 2014 – A short to trip to the Kern River was planned and a good crew got out for it. Here is a little bit of what went down that weekend. For the full story on the trip visit Enjoy and be on the lookout for more. #wildinthecreeks

Filmed/Edited by: Sam Buros
Music: Huckleberry – “Sail Away”

Quick Weekend at the Kern River from Barge Supply Co. on Vimeo.

Camping the Kern River in The warm month of February




I’m a little spoiled with weather living in California. It allows most outdoor activities and adventures year round. I don’t have much experience camping or exploring in California, so i feel like i need to get going on it while I can. Myself and a group of friends went on a trip to the Kern River back in November and only had good tales and fun to tell everyone on our return. So the idea was to head back out as soon as we could and when schedules lined up. Fast forward to February and we are able to return after some Calendar maneuvering. The weather was actually scheduled to be warmer and sunnier for this winter month. The plan was for me and two others to get to the site Friday evening and setup a base. Whoever wanted to make the journey out through the weekend could and we would make space.



The weekend was amazing. Such a good crew and always awesome to get some people out that have not had an experience like this. Our campsite was right next to the river and there couldn’t have been a better view. We were not exactly ‘roughing it’, but it was camping.  We were able to soak up some sun, nature, and a lot of cold beers. The skies were clear which made it easy to see every damn star in the sky, including the fly by from the Space Station. The lovely pollution of Los Angeles usually doesn’t allow us to see them like that. The meals we made tasted so much better cooked over a campfire and the beers were kept extra cold being tied out in a bag to sit in the river.  We spent a good chunk of one of the days shooting an assortment of guns brought by some of the guys.  The other parts of the days were consumed by exploring, hiking, shooting the Red Rider BB gun on the beer can range, and talking crap to one another with an occasional daytime Michelada. Thanks to everyone that came out, shared stories, braved the colder nights, and made us laugh. I can’t wait to figure out the next destination and I’m hoping these last two trips inspire some others to run away for the weekend.










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Photos : Paul Alfaro and Sam Buros

who goes to colorado in the dead of winter to flyfish?!

About a month ago I got a text from the homie Kirk saying. ” I found round trip tix to Denver for $90, we have a car, and a place to stay in Dillon.. any takers?!” about 10 minutes later Myself, Kirk, Kenny, and DJ had tickets bought. I didnt really know what to expect. I mean.. I have been to colorado a bunch of times, even in winter. But, never to try and catch fish in the middle of winter.

The plan was to fish tailwaters, since, they would be the only rivers not frozen over. Luckily for us, Kirk has fished the area quite a bit, and had some of his favorites dialed in.

The first day we ended up fishing the blue, which was like fishing in Disneyland. the productive areas run right through the middle of the outlet mall in Silverthorne. So not exactly the type of environment that draws me to flyfishing. But, the fish were big. and they ate.

We had all heard stories that, if you wanted to catch a giant fish on the blue, you had to fish it at night, in the freezing cold. Apparently the fish stack up in the lit areas from the pedestrian bridges and roadways, and eat the mysis shrimp that get flushed out of the dam. Those shrimp are also more active at night, thinking they are safer. WRONG.  We bundled up the first night and tried our luck. And boy are we glad we did. Dj started the night off catching a fiesty bow that had his fiberglass rod doubled over to the grip in a hurry. After he landed this guy we knew there were more to be caught. I jumped into his spot and I ended up catching the biggest fish of the trip, underneath a major rode, right next to a chipotle. Urban fishing at its finest I suppose. This fish was no joke though, I think he, like the rest of america has been gorging on Chipotle and had a little bit of a weight problem.  We didnt get to tape this hog, but all of our estimates were that he was easily pushing 20+” , and he straight kicked my ass on 5x tippet. Not to mention my guides, and reel kept freezing in the 9 degree temperature.

the next two days we explored 2 other rivers. Which both showed us why you are supposed to come to Colorado in winter to Ski/ Snowboard. NOT FLYFISH. skunked.

the final day of the trip was a day that we were all anticipating. The ever popular frying pan. If you dont know, this river is known for producing MONSTERS. This day proved no different. We all caught fish. Dj decided that he was going to throw a giant foam hopper just to use as his indicator, and this is all he caught fish on. hoppers in the middle of winter huh? fish really are dumb sometimes! haha Kirk found out early they were on an egg diet, and ditched the seafood for a breakfast menu. Where-as Kenny went the other direction. Fishing in a way that is supposed to “never work” at the pan. Kenny brought the carniceria ( his giant streamer box) out for the 2nd half of the day and proceeded to destroy the resident brown trout. Including one that probably should have played linebacker for the broncos ( maybe that would have helped them win?!?) Whereas I tried about everything.  ended up catching a few, but I think I was more the team photographer than anything this day! hah



This trip was too damn good. 5 days in the snowy mountains of Colorado, with 3 of my best friends. Sure we came to catch fish, and that we did, but more importantly, we drank tons of beer, talked copious amounts of shit, and almost completely forgot about our real lives back in the desert. These last things are the reasons to go on trips like this. Catching fish is just the excuse to do them!

until next time boys!



Gyotaku – How to

Gyotaku is a traditional Japanese printing method. It was a way for the Japanese to both honor and record their catches while fishing. Before cleaning and butchering their catches, the japanese would make these prints of the fish right there on the boat/ beach. Its a pretty simple process, that has some awesome results.  Heres a step by step of the Largemouth I made this week.

First, you want to catch a fish, this is the funnest part. Keep in mind that fish w/ larger scales are easier, and make cooler looking prints, so Carp, Bass, Cod, ETC all look awesome. But, you can print any fish. even minnows!

Next you want to make sure the fish is clean, wash with soap to get all the fishy slime off, and let it dry. an EXTREMELY dry fish is key to making good prints!

After the fish is dry, I like to cut a whole in some foam so that half of the fish will lay flat( youre only printing on one half, and as flat as you can get it will help mold the paper around without tearing/ wrinkling as much)

Lay the fish in the hole you made and spread the fins out how you like them to look. I use pins to hold the fins down. Give it some time to dry and the fins will stay like that even after you pull the pins.


Next get your printing supplies ready. A really subtle handmade Paper is needed for molding around the fish. I used a real thin handmade Paper from Japan, to stay true to tradition.  as far as ink. you can use just acrylic paint, and you can use color as well ( to try and match the colors of the actual fish, or however you want it to look) for these prints though, I used a water based block printing ink and a large (sz 14) watercolor brush.

Now, Just paint the fish. keep in mind that naturally fish are darker on top, and lighter on the bottom. try and mimic the natural colorations of the fish, I.e. parr marks, lateral lines, etc. and I like to brush against the grain of the scales.. i feel like this puts the ink under the scales a bit and ads to the cool texture of the finished print.

after your’e done painting the ink on, you simply make a rubbing of the fish with the paper. I like to print the fish like im putting on a sticker. lay the paper down, press in the middle of the fish and rub back from the head to the tail, then you can mold the paper around the head, body, etc. I used a spoon to rub the fins to get the details of those printed well.

once you have rubbed the fish onto the paper.. your print is done, remove the paper from the fish and wah lah! you have printed your fish!

to stay true to tradition, I made a manny chee logo stamp / rubber block. quick carving of his logo, and rolled w/ red printing ink. just press down on the block where you want the signature ( stamp) to be. ( remember, this will print in mirror.. so make your signature accordingly)

sign and number your prints if you like.. and youre all set!

I put 5 of these prints up for sale in the store. they are 12’x24″ and are  $40 shipped. go grab one!